Great Stories About Steve Jobs

A collection of stories and anecdotes about Steve Jobs

“We need to talk and if that’s not possible over the phone or via e-mail, then I need to come to Paros and go for a walk on the beach with you and resolve this. The time is now to begin creating a new online distribution vehicle for movies, and Apple is the company to do it. I need your help.
How do I find you once I get to the airport on Paros?”

Steve Jobs: Photo Booth 2005

Mike Matas had Steve Jobs preview a bunch of filters built into Photo Booth.

“That’s what I wear,” he said. “I have enough to last for the rest of my life.”

“Hi, this is Steve. I really want my phone back.”

“When he went to Apple, he was basically down to 1 percent market share. Apple was near bankruptcy, the company had been for sale, there were a series of management changes. I talked to him about it. He said, “The thing that I have that no one else has is very loyal customers.” He had these fanatical people who would line up all night for a product that wasn’t any good. He figured correctly that by upgrading and investing in and broadening the portfolio, he could do it. At some level he foresaw the next 10 years.”

“I said no to Apple. I said I could design computers in my spare time. Markkula said I had to leave HP. I said, “No, I don’t have to leave HP, I’ll moonlight.” Then all of my friends started calling me and telling me I had to go to Apple. My friend Alan Baum said, “You can stay at HP and become a manager and get rich or you can go to Apple and stay an engineer and get rich.” That’s what I needed to hear.”

“Well, rude is the wrong word. Steve was never rude. He was just very straightforward. He said what was on his mind. There was no censoring between his brain and his mouth. He wasn’t rude. Rude implies some kind of malice. He had no malice.”

“Fuck Michael Dell”

—   Steve Jobs

“It started a week before the keynote, when we arrived at 1 Infinite Loop with our app and two minute demo script. We thought we were ready. We weren’t. They worked with us non-stop that week to refine our app, shape our story and polish our script. We rehearsed hundreds and hundreds of times (“Better. Now do it again,” was a constant refrain), and presented to dozens of different people inside Apple.”

“But the thing that struck me were his shoes, those famous gray New Balance 993s. They too were well-worn. But also this: fresh bright green grass stains all over the heels.”